Terms and Conditions

If you are intending to join The Athletic Buddha, you should read and understand these Terms & Conditions before you complete a trial session, sign up to a membership package or purchase a class pass. These Terms & Conditions apply to all Members and other casual clients using The Athletic Buddha Facilities. Our membership terms and conditions have been established to ensure our members are aware of their rights and responsibilities as a member of our facility. On acceptance by The Athletic Buddha of this agreement you will be referred to as the “member” and have the usage rights and obligations as detailed below.

  1. Access to The Athletic Buddha.

As a member you are entitled to use the facilities of The Athletic Buddha during the normal opening hours, so long as you remain a member and you comply with the most up to date General Terms and Conditions (as can be found online). The Athletic Buddha reserves the right to collect your personal contact information and photo for identification purposes upon initiation of any membership.

If you are issued with a membership card, this must be shown on entry. Access to The Athletic Buddha may be refused if you do not have the card or provide adequate evidence of your identity and membership.

  1. General Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend our General Terms and Conditions at any time. The most up to date version is available on our website and all changes will be displayed in the gym prior to implementing the change. If you behave in a manner that is unacceptable to us or to other members of The Athletic Buddha, we reserve the right to refuse entry to you and to cancel your membership. Unacceptable behavior may include but is not limited to disruptive or threatening behavior, causing damage to the premises or equipment, abusive language to staff or members, dropping weights or use of illicit substances.

Clean, fully enclosed sports shoes must be worn during all times at the gym for health and safety reasons. A singlet or t-shirt must always be worn, we have a strict no-shirt’s off policy, and all clothing must be clean and tidy with no offensive print as consideration for our other members.

The Athletic Buddha will contact members occasionally regarding important information relating to their membership using the contact details provided to them at sign up. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their contact information is kept up to date to prevent important communication being lost.

  1. Your Health and Physical Condition

You confirm to us that you are in good physical condition when joining The Athletic Buddha, whenever you use the Facilities and/or undertake training by any of The Athletic Buddha’s trainers, special guests or representatives and that you are not aware of any medical or other reason that might be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, or physical condition.

You are responsible to notify The Athletic Buddha of any conditions that may impede or prevent you from using our facilities and it is up to you to provide us with medical consent to participate in physical activity if requested. You should not use any of the Facilities whilst suffering from any contagious illness, disease, or infection, or when suffering from any physical ailment, especially if there is a risk for other members.

  1. Use of Facilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly operate any equipment at The Athletic Buddha. If you are in any doubt as to how to do so, you should consult a member of staff before use.

If you cause any damage to any facilities at The Athletic Buddha, you must notify a member of staff. You may be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if intentionally using a piece of equipment not as it is designed to be used.

Members must not carry out any illegal acts in the facility and must comply with all health and safety requirements. If a member carries out any activity which The Athletic Buddha staff or management consider offensive or dangerous to you or another person, The Athletic Buddha management reserve the right to require you to leave immediately. This may also result in cancellation of membership.

  1. Use of GloFox Software

As a member of The Athletic Buddha, you have access to our GloFox platform. Through this, you must book into classes prior to attending and check in when you arrive at The Athletic Buddha using our check in counter or through your mobile device. You are not permitted to attend a class without booking in for that session. By completing the GloFox client software registration you consent to us using your image on our database for verifying our identity.

  1. Classes & Schedule

The Athletic Buddha reserves the right to vary, add or eliminate from time to time the open hours or scheduled hours, classes, or services. Please check the GloFox timetable and member information for changes. You agree and accept that a facility or service may not be available for participation due to a prior booking, mechanical breakdown, fire, loss of lease, or any other reason. You agree not to hold The Athletic Budda responsible for such occurrences.

  1. Use of the Creche- The Temple

The Athletic Buddha offers free child-minding service within their facility. The Temple is for children aged 6 weeks onwards to Pre-Kindy. All shoes, socks & stockings need to be removed as some surfaces can be slippery. No food is permitted in The Temple; however, water is allowed. Parents and Carers accept that playtime is limited to parents and carers classes/sessions and they must remain within The Athletic Buddha with exceptions of the W.O.D. (Work out of the Day) in the case an emergency arises. The adult that signs the child in must be the one to sign the child out. Child protection regulations require that we release the children to the same adult who signed them into The Temple. Please speak to a Temple Carer if your child has any additional needs. For health and safety, it is important for our co-workers to understand your child’s needs. Due to the co-worker/child ratio in The Temple, our co-workers are unable to provide one-on-one supervision for children. Children should not use the Temple whilst suffering from any contagious illness, disease or

infection, or when suffering from any physical ailment, especially if there is a risk for other children.

  1. Fees

All fees are payable in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing. When joining The Athletic Buddha, you will become responsible for paying the membership fees for the duration of your membership.

Payment may be made by direct debit only. Any failed payments will incur a dishonour fee of $14.90. All cash payments must be made in full at commencement of contract for the term of the membership. Training fees are payable before commencement of a training course or individual lesson, whichever is applicable. Membership Fees are non-refundable. If any fees are outstanding, we will be entitled, without obtaining further authority from you, to charge them to your nominated account. However, we will not do this if you have given us a written notice that a payment is disputed. Fees are quoted inclusive of GST.

  1. Expiry & Renewal of Membership

When the initial period of your membership is completed, your membership will continue until you

advise us otherwise and you will continue to be responsible for membership fees until you give us

14 days’ notice to terminate your membership. We reserve the right to increase membership

prices at the cessation of the contracted period by giving notice to members using the contact

methods on their accounts.

  1. Membership Hold

All members are entitled to a 2-week (per annum) membership hold. During this period access will be restricted and standard membership payments will recommence the date of your agreed upon return.

  1. Cancellation/Termination of Membership

The Athletic Buddha reserves the right to cancel a membership agreement at its discretion. The member may cancel their membership by giving The Athletic Buddha management a minimum of 14 days’ notice in writing to accounts@theathleticbuddha.com.au.

Any outstanding membership fees must be paid in full at the time of your cancellation request or will be automatically debited from the authorised payment method on file. Cancellation requests will not be processed and will be deemed invalid until any overdue membership fees are paid in full. If you wish to cancel your membership due to illness or injury, you should submit your request in writing with supporting evidence (such as a doctor’s certificate or statutory declaration) and your request will be assessed by the cancellations team. The Athletic Buddha reserves the right to cancel your membership by giving you notice if you fail to pay any fees within 30 days of the due date. In any of these circumstances you will remain liable to pay all outstanding fees due for the period up to and including the termination date. Termination of membership will bring the membership contract to an end.

  1. Personal Training

All personal trainers at The Athletic Buddha are sub-contractors and all fees relating to their services are set by them personally. Personal Trainers are not staff of The Athletic Buddha  and have privately owned personal training businesses. Any instruction or recommendation made by a Personal Trainer within The Athletic Buddha is not a reflection of The Athletic Buddha or our policies or procedures.

Only The Athletic Buddha Personal Trainers can operate within The Athletic Buddha facilities. No member is allowed to bring a third-party trainer into our facilities at any time and bringing a third-party trainer into the gym may result in suspension or cancellation of your membership.

  1. Personal Property

You are responsible for the care of your property and valuables while on our premises and the The Athletic Buddha accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred whilst at The Athletic Buddha. We recommend you bring no valuables onto The Athletic Buddha property, if using the lockers, we recommend a lock to secure your personal effects. Property left in lockers for longer than 24 hours will be removed and placed in lost property for claiming. Lost property is disposed of or donated every fortnight.

  1. Data Protection

Personal information obtained by us concerning you will be kept confidential in accordance with our privacy policy and relevant legal requirements.

  1. Allowing us to use your image

We will film and take photos at our facility from time to time for advertising and promotional activities. We may use this across our social media and other platforms. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that we have the right to use those images for business and promotional material and that they remain the property of The Athletic Buddha and all of its associated brands.

  1. No Transfer of Membership

Membership is personal and not transferable, unless by management approval. Also, you may not lend your membership card to any third party. Guests may only be invited to The Athletic Buddha after obtaining authorisation from the management or unless authorised by staff member.

  1. Notices

Whenever these Terms refer to notice being given by you or by The Athletic Buddha, the notice must be in writing.

  1. Entire Agreement

The membership contract incorporating these Terms constitutes the entire agreement between us and supersedes any previous agreement or understanding between us with respect to its subject matter.

  1. Waiver

The failure by The Athletic Buddha to enforce any of these Terms or the Rules shall not be treated as a waiver of that provision, nor shall it affect our right subsequently to enforce that provision.

  1. Severity

If any of these Terms are held by a court to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions will continue in effect.

  1. Law & Dispute Resolution

These Terms and your membership contract are governed in all respects by law. If any dispute occurs between us, we will act in good faith in an effort to resolve it through direct negotiation with you. If this is unsuccessful, either of us may request that the dispute is referred to mediation in accordance with Office of Fair Trading. Any dispute that is not resolved by negotiation or mediation will be resolved by a court.

  1. Open Gym Access

The Athletic Buddha will be unsupervised at times and, by acknowledgement of these terms, the member understands the risks involved and holds no liability to The Athletic Buddha (The Company), its staff or directors. All swipes/ sign-in’s are monitored by our camera system so any members bringing in guests without approval will be banned from The Athletic Buddha and will incur a $50 once off visit fee for their guest.

  1. The Athletic Buddha Surveillance

All Athletic Buddha facilities are under constant camera surveillance for the protection of the facility and its members. CCTV footage at our facilities is done so in accordance with relevant state legislation. Any footage taken is viewed only by The Athletic Buddha for the purposes of monitoring our facilities and for the protection of our members. The Athletic Buddha reserves the right to keep and use footage for legal proceedings relating to conduct inside the gym and it’s facilities. We are also required by law to provide copies of requested CCTV footage to police and governing bodies providing it is requested through the appropriate channels.

  1. Disclaimer

The member acknowledges that, at times, The Athletic Buddha may be unsupervised. By acknowledgement of this document, the member hereby confirms that they have read and agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

 Compliments and Complaints

Compliments and complaints regarding our facilities or service can be made in person at any of our facilities, sent to our postal address or can be emailed to our customer relations team. The contact details are as below:

Email: info@theathleticbuddha.com.au

Post: PO Box 3366

North Strathfield NSW 2137