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Welcome to The AB Kids Club

Welcome to The AB Kids where we’re dedicated to providing a vibrant and enriching experience for children of all ages. At our facility, we offer a diverse range of activities and programs designed to promote physical activity, creativity, and fun! From our popular Soccer Totties program, where kids can learn soccer skills in a supportive environment, to our school holiday workshops filled with exciting activities and crafts, there’s always something new to discover at The AB Kids. We pride ourselves on our after-school care/fitness program which offers a dynamic and inclusive environment where children can engage in fun physical activities, receive academic support, and develop lifelong healthy habits. Additionally, we’re proud to be the premiere birthday party destination, offering unforgettable celebrations tailored to your child’s interests and preferences. Come join us and let your child explore, learn, and grow in a safe and welcoming space where fun and fitness go hand in hand!

Our Soccer Totties Program

$31.25 / week

Location : Concord

Ages : 3 - 5 years

Saturday 09:00 am to 10:00 am

$31.25 / week

Location : Concord

Ages: 5-8

Saturday 10:00 am to 11:00 am

$31.25 / week

Location : The AB Kids

Ages: 3-5 years

Monday 09:20 am to 10:20 am

$31.25 / week

Location : The AB Kids

Ages 5- 8 years

Thursday 04:15 pm to 05:15 pm